The Essential Seychelles

Considered to be heaven on earth, the Seychelles archipelago actually contains 115 dots of land, some of which remain totally unspoiled and devoid of human activity. On this itinerary, PONANT invites you to discover the must-see jewels of the Seychelles. On Mahé, you will board Le Bougainville for a 9-day expedition cruise to the heart of this archipelago’s Inner Islands for a glimpse of paradise.

Maldives - enjoy the sunny side of life

The Maldives simply is one of those “pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming” kind of places, combined with that true “left-the-real-world-behind” feeling. Why visit the Maldives?

We love this eco friendly private island right outside Singapore

Dreaming of your own private island where you can walk barefoot on your own white beach but without spending 2 hours on a small plane to get there? Then Cempedak 90 kilometers from Singapore is the place for you – this is barefoot luxury in a magnificent natural setting. Here to welcome you are white sandy beaches, beautiful white granite boulders, rain forest, and unique wildlife.

Okavango Delta. Love at first sight!

Pristine nature, incredible game viewing, world class food and wine.

The world's most beautiful ski and sail adventure

Join the Arctic Haute Route to experience Northern Norway's best ski destinations and sail the world's most stunning coastline; Lofoten, Andørja, Senja, Kvaløya and Tromsø.

Business Class Sale

New Year's sale is on. Many of the airlines offer really good deals right now. This is the perfect opportunity to try it - we are sure it will be a memorable experience. Check out some favourites that we would like to share with you.

This is why you should become a Journeys member

Our members get a personal and dedicated travel designer, unbeatable level of service and access to spectacular destinations across the planet. 

Who doesn't love NYC?

Sitting in the taxi from the airport. The Manhattan skyline towers up on the horizon. I have this bubbling excitement of what the city will show me this time. It doesn't matter how many times I have been in NYC there are always new hoods waiting to be discovered.

2 for 1 campaign on Lufthansa First & Business!

It's not the newest, flashiest or most private First Class, but Lufthansa is our favourite First Class carrier. It's old school, classy luxury in the air with impeccable service, caviar with chilled Vodka, a wine list to die for and great food. And its never on sale, except now!

Business Class Sale!

November is here and many of us are desperate to have something to look forward to. So when Qatar pops up with their Business Class Sale, our dreams of brighter, sunny days intensify. Journeys can make those dreams come true – just let us know what you dream of and we will get back to you with a proposal. Do you need some inspiration? Than just scroll down ...

This is why we love Jamaica!

We have put together this guide for people who come to stay at Panorama Villa. Hopefully you will fall in love with the green island just like we did. Enjoy!

The people behind Journeys share their big city favorites!

You don't need to travel far away to catch a break from everyday life. Europe is full of captivating cities - Let us show you our personal favorites for a fall weekend escape.

New Zealand. Wow, just wow!

New Zealand really is an amazing destination. The scenery will take your breath away, there are some spectacular luxury lodges you can enjoy with some of the best food we have encountered on our trips around the world and it's easy to move around. Journeys founders Maria & Even recently went to New Zealand and they were completely sold. This is their story.

Probably the best resort in the World

Nihi Sumba is the perfect eco-luxury escape for those looking for an uncrowded, pristine break, for couples looking for a romantic getaway, for families or friends looking to experience a wilderness adventure with all the luxuries of a five-star resort, or for anyone just wanting to get away from it all. Let us introduce you to Nihi Sumba, probably the best luxury resort in the world! (... and don't miss the special deal).

Turkish Airlines Business Class Sale!

Fly comfortable and affordable with Turkish Airlines. Bali for only 14 000 NOK per person!

Emirates First Class Sale!

Have you ever flown First Class with Emirates? Now is your chance, don't miss this opportunity!

Exclusive offer for members only

The summer of 2008 Journeys founders Maria & Even went to Jamaica and visited the Geejam hotel outside Port Antonio for the first time. They fell completely in love with the place and have since been back numerous times to enjoy this beautiful, lush and untouched part of Jamaica. In 2019 Maria & Even purchased the amazing Panorama Villa in a partnership with Geejam owners Jon Baker and Steve Beaver and Journeys members now gets exclusive deals and access to this dream holiday home. If you are not a Journeys member, sign up in the blog.

Qatar & Emirates Business Class Sale!

Qatar & Emirates are ending the summer with a massive Business Class sale.

Nay Palad Hideaway - the barefoot state of mind!

Tropical jungles, emerald mangrove forest, coconut woodlands, underground caves, coral reefs, unspoiled white beaches, azure waters, legendary deep-sea fishing and some of the world’s best surfing. Welcome to Siargao, one of the 7000 islands in the Philippines - a nature lover's dream!

Take in the slow island-life of Mallorca this summer

We all know of the popular Spanish destination, Mallorca. In recent years this enchanted island has taken on a new style, and is on its way to becoming Mediterranean's chicest destination. Just hours away from Scandinavia, with definite sun guarantee it offers everything from countless white beaches to soaring mountains.

Two for one campaign on Lufthansa First & Business!

It's not the newest, flashiest or most private First Class, but Lufthansa is our favourite First Class carrier. It's old school, classy luxury in the air with impeccable service, caviar with chilled Vodka, a wine list to die for and great food. And its never on sale, except now!

Puglia, Your Secret Summer Dream

The Southern Italian region, Puglia, stretches all the way down to the peninsula that forms the heel of the Italian “boot”. Surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, this area offers authentic villages, an astonishing coastline and nature. We’ve checked, and are thrilled to say that if you haven’t yet booked your holiday for the summer, you’re in for a treat. Our favorite hotels, located just in this area, have available rooms left.

Paradise in the Anambas Archipelago

After an 80 min ride from Singapore you will land with your private seaplane in the spectacular lagoon outside of the tropical paradise Bawah Reserve! Bawah Reserve is a luxurious and sustainable retreat consisting of 6 islands, 13 beaches and 3 lagoons. This is a luxury resort for guests who want to have everything catered for them, in a relaxed and natural way. Perfect for the eco conscious traveller, who wants to enjoy luxury amenities in a responsible way.

Worlds Best Business class campaign with Qatar Airways

Don’t miss the chance to get really good prices in business class with Qatar Airways. You will get an unforgettable journey to some of the worlds most exciting destinations. Get comfy and enjoy their impressive a-la-carte menu. With their amazing in-flight entertainment system you will find it hard to get some sleep.

Every road should definitely lead to Rome

This eternal destination has been attracting visitors for decades, maybe thousands of years. The vivid capital of Italy is still one of the most exhilarating and romantic destinations in the world. Amidst the historical monuments and busy streets you'll find the luxurious retreat Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, it combines everything a perfect holiday should contain.