Okavango Delta. Love at first sight!

Over the past years it’s becoming increasingly clear to us what the most important aspect with our journeys are. To spend as much time as possible outdoors in unspoiled, pristine nature. The search for theese experiences has taken us to Tordrillo's in Alaska, South Island of New Zealand and the untouched beaches of Sumba in Indonesia. But if you are looking to enjoy mother nature at it's absolute finest there is nothing that beats a safari and that’s why we decided to visit the raw and unspoiled Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana.

Our partner &Beyond has three amazing lodges in the area and we visited two of them on our trip. A tented camp and their flagship camp Sandibe. Both are absolutely stunning and the level of service, food and wine is extraordinary considering the fact they are located in the middle of nowhere. To show you this magical place we thought we would take you through a day in the bush! Safari is hard but rewarding work and your days start at 05:30 with a light breakfast before heading out into the wild.

Your game drive takes you on different routes in the 22.500 hectars private game reserve that's at the disposal of the lodge. You won't meet any vehicles from other lodges but you will encounter a wide range of wild animals. Expect lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, and lots of hippos and elephants.

Before you venture back to the lodge you stop for coffee, while stretching your legs and manically searching nearby bushes for scary creatures! (Don't worry, you are perfectly safe with the experienced rangers and trackers)

Back at the lodge it's time to relax in your treehouse and maybe enjoy a dip in one of the coolest plunge pools on earth. Don't be surprised if an elephant or two walks by, or if one of the resident hippos decides to do a little grazing outside your villa.

You decide yourself when to have lunch, which is enjoyed in the main building, that just happens to be an architectural masterpiece! And talking about masterpieces, the chefs continuously whip them up and we had some amazing lunches out in the bush.

Food and beverages are included in your stay and the lodge features some very good wines on their inclusive list. Try the Chenin Blanc from Remhoogte or the red blend, De Toren Fusion V. Both amazing wines.

After lunch you will probably need a little nap. No problem, you will probably sleep pretty good in this bed!

But not for long as a new and adventurous game drive awaits at 16:30 and you don't want to be late, since you might miss out on these guys that also likes to relax in the afternoon!

Our favourite part of the day is definitely stopping for sundowners in the middle of the bush. When you shut the car down you can hear nature preparing for nightfall and the light is just out of this world.

After driving back in the dark (always exhilarating!) it's time for more food and by the time you are done with your three course meal and some fine wine, you will be searching for that bed again!

Are you interested in experiencing the wonders of the Okavango Delta or go on safari in other parts of Africa? Contact [email protected] and she will help you arrange the trip of a lifetime.

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