Finca Serena Mallorca
Ma-3200 km, 3, 07230 Montuïri
Finca Serena's central location is in Pla de Mallorca. From there, the finest beaches of Mallorca and the city of Palma are only 20 minutes away. If your plan is to relax and escape the hustle and bustle, walking around the estate or visiting the gardens could be an alternative plan, as well as other activities designed to suit each particular client, such as the yoga sessions. Comfortable and elegant rooms with private terraces. Everything you need for peace, calm and comfort. Finca Serena has its own generous kitchen gardens, fruit trees, and selection of natural produce. The result? A modern culinary take on traditional roots, the optimum techniques conceived for day-to-day eating, for taking care of the body through the 5 senses.
Spain, europe