So what exactly do we offer our clients?

First and foremost we are completely dedicated to finding hidden gems and make them available for our members. When you spend your precious time and hard earned money on a vacation through Journeys you can always be sure that you are in for something special.

That's why we have visited and created special relationships with some of the world's most spectacular destinations like Nihi Sumba and Cempedak in Indonesia, Geejam in Jamaica and Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska, to mention a few.

As a Journeys member you have access to your own private travel designer that will help you with every little detail of your trip. You can just sit back and relax and let us create memories that will last a lifetime.

Becoming a member is free of charge and so are our services, we charge you nothing extra. How is that possible? We live of commissions from our partners across the globe and those partners want you to visit. At Journeys we focus on finding the most unique destinations, offering our members outstanding service and always at the best rates available.

Members also have exclusive access to the astounding Panorama Villa that is owned by the founders of Journeys. You can read more about this amazing place were Audrey Hepburn used to spend her vacations here.

But there is more! We know that many of you have tons of eurobonus points sitting in your accounts or unused American Express companion tickets. At Journeys we help our members with finding the Business & First Class openings and if you leave your details with us will even do the booking for you. This service is also free of charge if you let us help you out with the hotel arrangements for your trip.

At Journeys we don't bother our members with lots of emails but you can expect to receive 1-3 each month and if we do our job those emails will create inspiration, not irritation! We try to keep you posted on new destinations or resorts we have discovered, special deals that we think might interest our members and we try to keep track of all the best Business or First Class campaigns.

And if you like to add a splash of daydreaming to your life you might want to follow us on Instagram were we share our favorite travel pictures or Facebook were we share interesting information for world travelers.

Sign up now to become a member and a part of our little family of passionate travelers always looking forward to the next Journey.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact me on [email protected]

Kind regards,

Andrea Rosso, Founder & Managing Director.