We love this eco friendly private island right outside Singapore

Dreaming of your own private island where you can walk barefoot on your own white beach but without spending 2 hours on a small plane to get there? Then Cempedak 90 kilometers from Singapore is the place for you – this is barefoot luxury in a magnificent natural setting. Here to welcome you are white sandy beaches, beautiful white granite boulders, rain forest, and unique wildlife.

Surrounded by unspoilt islands it is one of a handful of private islands along this wonderful coast. Two thirds of the island is still covered in rainforest, so you will find yourself in wonderful, lush surroundings.

The owners share a passion for the outdoors, nature, food and wine, resulting in a resort that offers you stunning design, good service and simple luxuries previously almost unheard of in the region. Cempedak certainly is a place you won’t forget, and it might change the way you see luxury.

Cempedak opened in 2017, and has some of the most amazing villas we have seen.
The bamboo master pieces are placed by the beach or up in the hills and they are all private and very spacious. The unique design of the villas incorporates a huge crescent-shaped roof, made from local grass, which helps capture cool breezes releasing the hot air and keeping the villas cool, hence avoiding the need for air-conditioning (don’t worry, you will be totally fine).

The buildings have a connection to the natural setting of the island, resulting in structures that have a true sense of belonging. The beach villas are just metres away from the beach itself whereas the seaview villas all have magnificent views of the sea and surrounding desert islands. With private plunge pools in each villa, and huge decks, the guest accommodation is very private and very spacious. With no more than 40 guests at any time, there are always more than enough staff on hand to look after the guests. If you want a romantic getaway, its hard to do any better than Cempedak.

Most of the food is produced by the hotels own farm on the mainland and it tastes absolutely amazing. Journeys member Therese Becke was on the island during easter and we asked her about the food. " We looked forward to every meal and was never disappointed. I think it’s the best food we have gotten at any hotel and it was so healthy and fresh. The few times the set menus had something on them that we didn't like we just told the chef and got excellent alternatives "

If you feel like staying active, there are some water sports you can enjoy like snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing, rock climbing and stand up paddling. If you want to dive, that can be arranged. Furthermore, there are two tennis and croquet courts, and you can join the staff members for jungle walks. There are also daily excursions you can join. However, for many of the guests at Cempedak, the stay is usually a way to escape the busy life, so reading books, lazing around and sunbathing are quite common ways to keep yourself occupied. If you look for more pampering, the resort features a spa.

Private Island experience at Cemepdak from only 510 USD/night including 3 meals.

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If you have any questions or want to get a price proposal just send an email to [email protected] and I'll get back to you.

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Singapore is a perfect vibrant combination with the tranquility of Cempedak and we recommend a couple of nights there before or after your trip to paradise. There is a reason why Singapore has been on the top ten visited cities in the world for years. A city-state with cultural diversity, green and safe environment, world-class hotels and delicious food.